Reimbursement Claim


To avail the cashless treatment, Insured member has to check the list of network providers, which are in Safeway Insurance’s network. Since this list is subject to change, members are advised to check the list prior to cashless hospitalization.

Insured Member needs to produce Safeway Insurance Id card along with valid KYC document at TPA desk of the Network provider. Valid KYC documents are Aadhar card/Voter Id card/ Passport/Driving License card etc.

Insured Members are advised to carry their previous medical records for faster approval.

Now network provider will initiate the authorization request with us. Our doctors will scrutinize the authorization request through policy terms and condition and gives the approvals through authorization letter after verification of records.

The final approval will come once the patient is about to discharge, and network provider has to send the discharge summary along with final bill. Insured member needs to sign the final bill before leaving the hospital.

We keep in touch with insured through SMS/Email/Calls to ease their hospitalization process, however they can reach us by calling our toll free number if they need any assistance or query on their hospitalization.


Reimbursement claims are those claims where insured member needs to pay at hospital for their hospitalization. Insured needs to send all the documents like final bill, all receipts, discharge summary, all investigations along with reports and all prescriptions after discharge.

In the reimbursement claim it is mandatory to intimate us within 24 hours of hospitalization.

Intimation is mandatory within 24 hours of hospitalization in case of treatment being taken in a non-network hospital.
For intimation, the member can call our Toll Free number and talk to our customer care representative giving details about the treatment being taken and the approximate estimate towards the hospitalization or E-Mail us at

The Insured is required to submit the following documents in ORIGINAL, at any of the Safeway Insurance offices:

On Submission of this, Claim will be processed and status will be updated to insured through mail/sms/call etc.

Call Center

Safeway Insurance Call Center operates 24/7 and provides multilingual support. Call Center team is determined to help all the customers who call on our Toll free numbers.

The team is well versed with

Please call us or write to us for any clarification.

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